How Do Escape Rooms Improve Team Building? 

It often surprises our participants how their team’s comradery improves following team building and synergy developing exercises at the Locked Puzzle Room in Vienna. Participants explore what the qualities of a good team are and are expected to practice them as well during their escape. And trust us, you will have ample opportunity to develop those skills and talents through our proprietary puzzles and rooms.

The more interactive and engaged participants are not only the best contributors, but they also gain the most from the activity. Subsequently, we encourage everything to have fun and enjoy the room but also be mindful of the learning opportunities available during the escape. For example, qualities like trust, reliability, and dependability are the foundations of a good team and their also necessary skills required to escape an escape room such as Calypsos escape rooms. Other than those three skills, you can justify hosting your team building activities with us through countless other reasons!

When we are working at an organization, we all need to develop a mindset with which we can be helpful in achieving individual as well as team-oriented goals. Escape rooms help in developing more engaged teams. 

Grandma's Twisted Condo

Your grandma has passed away. Over the last few years she has been isolating herself because she refused to go to a retirement home. You started to notice odd behavior by her when you’d occasionally visit her or call her up rambling about these places and adventures she’s never been to. It’s your duty as the family to retrieve her prized belongings otherwise they go up for auction in court

Beginner Level

Max Participants 6

Sully's Haunted Cabin

Half the floor is caved in, the windows are covered with a thin film of dust, and the front yard has weeds up to the knees. Everyone stays away from that cabin, except you. You decide to venture in because your friends dared you. How bad can it be? But as you enter the cabin, the wind howls and shuts the door behind you and thick fog begins filling the room. You try and reach out for the door, but it has disappeared. What do you do next?

Intermediate Level

Max Participants 8

The Lighthouse

Sailing a bad storm, a familiar beacon of hope cuts through the rain – a lighthouse! You direct your men to seek refuge there to weather the storm. Greeted by the keeper, Captain White, a jolly old man, you withdraw to your quarters. But wait. Lighthouses don’t have keepers. As you rush to tell your men, you realize all the doors are locked and windows are barred. What will you do next?

Expert Level

Max Participants 8

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