Team building is very important for any project to arrive at the best outcomes that are beneficial for the team as well as business. A good team is one which works according to plan and recognizes the best skills of each team member. All organizations want their employees to collaborate as a great team and therefore, they should help nudge their teams along by doing activities such as planning for the escape room challenges. But it is not possible to develop the team and prepare them for escape room activities without any prior debriefs. Here we have a few important tips that you need to follow to get the best engagement from the team and have the best time in Team Building Vienna escape room activities.

Intelligent pairing: the pairing of people is very important when you are planning for an escape room. Suppose you want to improve the type of conversations within different departments then you must pair the people who have least conversations with each other. Or in case you want to strengthen or promote a particular team or group, then you can pair the people from same departments within the same time.
Decide incentives: incentives are a great way to get the involvement and effort of the team members. If you have some lazy or slow movers in the team, providing good incentives for winning team as well as the players of the losing team could help in getting better involvement and effort from the participants.

 Team Building Vienna

Team strategy: before you go for the escape room, the very first thing which you need to do is communicate with the team and develop a team strategy to be effective. You can also select the player who would be assigned certain responsibilities or duties. For example, strength, quickness, height or anything that could be advantageous for a team to win. A participant who is good at interpreting puzzles can lead the communication while the other who is good with time management can be assigned to keep the team aware of the timeline left to escape.

Postgame meet: there are so many activities in each escape room, therefore if you are winning the game by escaping, you need to do a debrief to understand what the strategy was and how to continue it. If you did not escape, then you have to recall all the mistakes which you have made in the previous game so that you can perform better in future tasks.

Build excitement: Escape Room Vienna has everything you need for your escape room experience. Moreover, the teams which are made are required to spend some time on understanding the activities that they may have to encounter.

If everything goes well, you could get back to your work with a great team who is highly collaborative, coordinated and well-managed. Otherwise, you can plan to have some more visits to get the best qualities out of each and every teammate.


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