Team Building

The Best Team Building Exercise


  • The escape room experience allows and encourages for multi-faceted thinking among your peers and coworkers. Escape rooms require use of both sides of your brain, the logical and the creative.
  • The pressure of the countdown clock combined with the immersive setting of the room will require team members to work with each other in an effective and coherent way.
  • Innovative and enjoyable way to break down initial barriers between group members, all under the guise of an adventure. 
  • Strong tool in establishing rapport between team members! Who takes the lead? Who works best under pressure? Who is the most resourceful?


Who This Is For?


  • This is one of the best ways for any group that wants to enhance their teamwork and communication skills.
  • This is great for corporations and organizations that want to increase workplace efficiency and company culture by directly improving teamwork skills for employees, interns, or even upper management!
  • This is great for friends and families that want a fulfilling, exciting, and refreshing night-out!
  • This is for you!

For Corporation

Corporations all over the world collectively spend billions of dollars on team building exercises. Usually, the price for private corporate team-building events start at around the thousands. Furthermore, these events are often nowhere near as engaging as they claim. So what do you do, if you want to provide a true team-building experience for your co-workers/employees at a cost-effective price? The answer is simple: book a private session at one of our rooms! Given the low prices and high engagement factor, it’s no wonder that companies such as Google and Facebook choose to host their team-building sessions at escape rooms. The benefits of team-building exercises are endless:

  • Boost morale in the workplace
  • Break down barriers of communication between coworkers
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase efficiency

Furthermore, we here at Calypso’s Island Escape believe that thousands is an exorbitant fee to charge. Escape rooms are fast becoming the team-building exercise of choice for many reasons of the top companies in the nation. Why you ask? Let us explain:

  • Figure out how employees work under pressure
  • Which employee takes on the leadership role under pressure?
  • Which employee is able to come up with innovative solutions?
  • How do coworkers interact with one another under pressure?

If you wold like to ensure your company’s next team-building session is effective and cost-effective, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote. 

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